The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimated 2.6 million reported deaths in 2015. Heart disease, cancer, respiratory illnesses, and accidents were the leading causes. 

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Life & Health Insurance

Purchasing life insurance is one of the most important financial moves you can make. The coverage from this type of policy protects your family from financially worrisome situations if you are not there to provide for their needs. 

*There are other options to take into consideration. Child life insurance policies covers medical costs for the death of a child. Other options include accident death, critical illness, long-term care policies, final expense coverage, and disability insurance. 

Health Insurance

Health Insurance can be challenging to calculate whether you have insurance coverage at your current place of employment or if you are self employed where you might have no coverage at all. With Health insurance from your employer, you may only have specific coverages and a narrow amount of options. It may also be very expensive especially if you're looking to cover your entire family. Your coverage should protect you through  those unexpected health situations.


Here at Johnson Joy, we're here to help provide for your Life and Health Insurance needs. We'll work with you to make sure you receive the coverage you need as you plan for the future.