The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reported 136 natural disasters in 2017 alone.
The unpredictable weather alone can affect living situations!

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Home Insurance
In the face of weather uncertainties*, unexpected property damages, and situations of theft, you'll need the right insurance coverage to cover those losses. 
Here at Johnson Joy, we want you to have the proper coverage for your house, condo, or apartment. We'll provide the most affordable quotes whether you're looking at 'homeowners' or 'renters' insurance! Let us help when life brings the unexpected!
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Prevent Winter Water Damage
  • Frozen pipes are the most common thing that can happen to your plumbing system. Avoid experiencing this by insulating every piece of plumbing in your household.
  • Keep the thermostat on and set to a uniform temperature to avoid frozen pipes that lead to winter water damage.
  • Avoid icicle formation and ice dams by making sure the gutter is free from debris.
  • Install water leak detectors.
  • Remove hoses and close the valves of your outdoor water supply to prevent freezing.

*A homeowners' Insurance will cover the majority of natural disasters, but earthquake coverage may be excluded. Earthquake coverages can be added to the policy.